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About the Indie Films Foundation

The Indie Film Foundation (IFF) seeks to support the aspirations of indie film makers, helping to educate them in the art and science of filmmaking, and support them throughout their careers.  The IFF seeks to influence the art of filmmaking, in the classroom and on the set. The goal is to teach students how to make films with production values that meet or excel industry standards, and to further inspire their careers in media, film, and television.  We believe in producing films and television programs that reach out and touch people; films that inform, educate and provide insight into the human condition.

The IFF was founded by Gary Parker and Bruce May who have worked in film, television and digital media for over forty years.  They support the goals of individuals seeking to begin or further a career in the film and television industry.  Both are instructors at IFF and they also produce, write and direct the indie films produced by the IFF.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to introduce our students to media, film, and television production. At IFF our students  develop their filmmaking knowledge as we encourage and support their creative storytelling talent. Our courses are designed to teach our students to create their own films that touch their audience’s hearts, minds, and spirits. IFF will continue its legacy by producing positive uplifting feature films and documentaries that inform, educate and inspire others.

Because we are a working studio run by industry professionals, we teach practical lessons in film, television, and corporate video production.  Our many projects create opportunities for our students to work alongside of industry professionals and those who are seeking to improve their own level of expertise working in Independent film and video production.

Our Co-Founders

Gary Parker has over 45 years of experience working in every aspect of film and television.

Bruce May has over 25 years of experience, writing, producing and hosting shows on local networks.  

Gary Parker

A lifetime in Film and Television

Gary has worked for over forty years as a Producer, Director, Photographer, and Editor, producing award winning documentaries and feature films. He has also done freelance work for the major television networks including ABC, NBC and CBS as well as for the BBC, ESPN, BBC, HBO, and Lifetime.


His documentary films have won multiple awards. They tell compelling stories about people, places and events that provide insights into the lives of ordinary people doing amazing things. 


Gary began his career in Houston over 40 years ago at the Texas Medical Center, shooting and editing shows like the Dr. Red Duke Health minute, a nationwide syndicated program. He also worked at the ABC affiliate station in Houston and the NBC news network. He then moved to Washington, D.C., where he owned and managed the second largest independent television and radio news bureau, serving over 150 stations worldwide. In 1989, Gary returned to his home in Texas where he founded Quanah Productions, a full-service video production company where he continued producing programing, experimenting with new formats in the early days of online television. Today, Gary continues to operate Quanah Productions and he also manages KBQT, Channel 21 in Houston, branded Preview 21, reaching over two million people in the Greater Houston area.

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Telly Awards - Documentary Films


"The Only Guarantee" Documentary; Producer / Director


“When Seconds Count”  Feature   Director / Editor

“In Between Dances”  Documentary Producer / Director / DP / Editor

“Dead End Diner”   Feature   Producer / Director / Editor

“Slice of Life” Feature DP / Editor

“Spirit of 66” Documentary Director / DP / Editor

“Carousels” Documentary Director / DP / Editor

Feature Films


Shattered Lives – Director – Co-Producer (in pre-production)

Invaded – Associate Producer

Border Cross – Director of Photography / Editor

A Little Christmas Business - Director of Photography / Editor / Associate Producer

Return of Vengeance - Director of Photography / Editor / Associate Producer

Back Stabber - Director of Photography / Editor / Associate Producer

Texas Triangle - Director of Photography / Editor / Associate Producer

Burned Soul - Director of Photography / Editor / Associate Producer

The Meadows - Director of Photography / Editor

Bruce May

A Passion for Writing and Producing

Bruce May has been working in media and television for over 25 years. His first introduction to the industry was through Quanah Productions, where he worked closely with Gary Parker for several years.  He then moved on, working nationally in the online television industry, providing pioneering technology solutions to major industry players. In 2010, Bruce returned to his roots, when he began producing and hosting shows in online radio and television, working with his old friend and colleague, Gary Parker at Quanah Productions.  He produces and hosts his own television show, Growth Solutions, where he interviews business experts in best practices and emerging technologies.  He also produces Sustainable Resilience with David Dodd, a show dedicated to creating more resilient economies worldwide.  He has written multiple projects and books over the years, including the screenplay for Shattered Lives, the movie, and Tin pre-production now by Indie Films Foundation.

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Television Production

Business Insights - 2012 to 2015.  Host and producer of this business show.


Growth Solutions - 2018 to 2020.  Host and producer of this business show,


Sustainable Resilience, with David Dodd  - 2018 to 2020.  Producer of this show on Sustainable Resilience.


The Production House - 2020 to 2021.  Co-host and co-producer of this show featuring commentary of the best films in film history.

Film Projects

Dreaming of Tokyo, Film Script. Written by Bruce May based on a story  by Gary Parker.


Shattered Lives, Film Script. Written by Bruce May, based on a story by Gary Parker and Bruce May.


Shattered Lives, the movie.  Produced by Gary Parker and Bruce May (in pre-production).


The White Suit, Film Script.  Written by Bruce May, based on a true story.


The White Suit, the movie.  Produced by Gary Parker and Bruce May (in pre-production).

See all of Bruce's books on his Amazon Author's Page



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