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Shattered Lives - Synopsis

Shattered Lives – The Movie


 A tragic wreck kills six teenagers when two cars collide following a night of drinking and partying, leaving an entire community shattered as they try to move on with their lives.  Follow the story of James Stewart, the driver responsible for taking away all those lives, as he struggles to deal with the consequences of his actions.  Following his conviction for manslaughter, he endures years of incarceration, dealing with prison life, gang violence and even murder.  He desperately wants to find redemption but how can he ever make up for what he has done?  When he turns to the prison ministry James finds an answer, one that surprises both him and his community, when he returns to his home town after serving his sentence.  Forgiveness turns out to have many faces as James finds out when he becomes reunited with his church, and the families that he tore apart.  See how James discovers the power of forgiveness and the transformation it makes in his life and the lives of his friends and the families that wore torn apart by this tragic accident.

Because the people and events take place in a typical, small town community, their faith and beliefs natural play an important role in their lives, as they all struggle to come to terms with the consequences of the terrible tragedy depicted in the film.  Faith and religion play a key role in the film.  First, for James as he struggles with the challenge of dealing with prison life, surrounded by gangs and criminals who try to drag him deeper into their lifestyle; and second, for everyone living in his community who was affected by the tragedy, especially the family and loved ones of the teenagers who died in the tragic wreck.  Religion also plays a key role inside the prison, when James joins the prison ministry program to help him deal with the grief and guilt he feels for his role in the accident.  Religion also plays a key when James returns home, forcing the Pastor of the local church  to come to terms with the meaning and purpose of forgiveness in his own life and the lives of the families who attend his church. 

        James finds a unique and surprising answer in his journey toward redemption and forgiveness, both inside prison and when he returns to his community, after serving his ten-year sentence.  The ultimate confrontation comes when James and the father of his best friend, who died in the accident, meet in an inevitable confrontation that forces everyone, including the Pastor and the entire congregation, to reassess the meaning and purpose of forgiveness in their faith and their lives.



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