Join our 2022 Summer Film Class

Gary Parker, co-founder of the Indie Films Foundation, conducting a class.

Join our 2022 Summer Film Class and be part of a team the produces our next student film. Last year, our 2021 Summer Film Class successfully produced our first student film, Escape from Film School. All the students got to experience every role in filmmaking, both in front of the camera, and behind it. As we filmed the script, produced by the students, the students rotated roles, playing characters in the script, helping with lighting and sound, recording the scene log as we shot, running the camera and even directing the other students in the scenes.

The instructors at helped coach the student every step of the way. By the end of the class, students had not only learned how films are made, they completed their own film which premiered at a local theater in Conroe, Texas, where our studios are located.

  • Be part of our Production Team

  • Help Write and Produce our Student Film

  • Help Film and Direct

  • Help Edit the Final Cut

  • Learn Every Aspect of Filmmaking

  • Bring your Friends & Family to the Local Premier

  • Get your Name Listed in the Film Credits

Download our new book, How to Make a Short Film, and read our practical lessons in filmmaking. We cover the entire process of filmmaking, from screenwriting and pre-production, to shooting and editing the final project. If you join our 2022 Summer Film Class, you will have the same experience that our 2021 Summer Film Class students. did making their own film. We filled our book with pictures of our 2021 Summer Film Class, working on their film, Escape from Film School.

Space is limited, so register early. Go here to register for our 2022 Summer Film Class.*

Watch our 2021 Student Film: Escape From Film School

* We are offering a limited number of scholarships to High School students who have a strong interest in filmmaking and a financial need. If you are applying for a scholarship, answer all the questions on the form, then click the SUBMIT button without paying for the course. If you are approved for a scholarship, we will email you with details and tell you how to pay. Our scholarships provide 25% and 50% discounts (be sure to include all your information, including yours, and your parents, phone numbers and email addresses).

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