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The Art of Filmmaking

Making films is not easy. Most successful filmmakers spend years becoming expert in the art and science of filmmaking. While your own career in video, film and television will likely follow the paths of many others working in the field, there are short cuts that can help accelerate your progress. Steven Spielberg got a head start that helped propel his career far ahead of many other want-to-be filmmakers when he started filming his own, home-made movies as a teenager, shooting his friends playing war. Most of the important lessons of filmmaking are best learned by doing it. Practical lessons in filmmaking are the best lessons of all. Indeed, you can go to a film school and still learn most of what you need to know only after you go to work in the industry, learning the craft on the job. Many great film makers never even go to school, having grown up in the business, beginning as child stars. That is why we believe that filmmaking is best learned by doing it. That is the basis for our school, the Indie Films Foundation Film School, where we teach practical lessons in filmmaking.

Filmmaking is an extension of the oldest art form in human history: storytelling. Humans have been telling stories as long as we have been human. For centuries, people gathered around campfires, listening to the stories of their tribes, as elders passed on the history and culture of their people, and young men and women shared their own experiences, becoming grounded in the values and views of their society. This tradition continues to this day, only now the campfires have been replaced with movie theaters, televisions, computers screens and smart phones.

Technology has become more sophisticated and at the same time, easier to use, opening up the art of storytelling to a much larger audience of content creators. Today, you can film a movie on your smart phone, edit it, and distribute it all from your own home. The democratization of the science of filmmaking has made it possible for anyone to make a film today. However, the art of filmmaking requires a little more effort. Consider joining us for our Summer Film Class and take a deep dive into the art and science of filmmaking. You will work as part of a team, creating, producing, filming, and editing our 2022 Student Film. You will be listed in the film credits, and you can bring your family and friends to the premier, which we will hold at the Star Cinema Grill at the end of the summer.

Learn more at about our 2022 Summer Film Class.